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I believe that there is no better experience to know a country than on bikes.
For two decades I have travelled to many places, many of these trips with my bike.
These trips helped me to build a network of tourism contacts, learning about the tourism business and very importantly: about the expectations of villagers.
So, this site is delivered to promote and organize biking trips but in our blog to add a little piece of information to the new and young bike adventurers.
We are open to any kind of ride, anyway: Singletracks or gravel roads.
The second kind of ride is the multiday trips, some of them “near” the city, targeted to those who want a biking experience in the country not necessarily on singletracks.
If you search for a tailored organized trip write to us, and we will be able to arrange the whole needs for a real biking travel experience in Peru.
Finally, I must thank friends and people who had shared trails with us, adventures, knowledge, and experience. Without them maybe I could not achieve the thousands of kilometers cycled. And also I have to thank the countryside people, without them, there would be no possibility to keep “alive” our ancient paths, many of them part of the main network of trails that cross the country and are known in the world as the Inca Trail.
Take note that Peru is one of the few countries in the world where you can still practice outdoor sports in places with few changes for centuries.

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FIRMA W 480 mountain bike peru

Jaime Quiroz
Manager MTBike Peru



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