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Gravel and paved roads / Intermediate fitness level / Basic+ Skills 

Cusco to Titicaca

This is one of the most amazing cycling trips of Peru, starting from Cusco we will lead you to Lake Titicaca, finding during the days, a diversity of historical sites and best of all, some of the best views of these regions.

Season: April to November.

Average Stats:
2800-4600 mt of elevation / 40-80 Km per day / 4-6 hours riding time.

About the Place:

The main trip is ridden on dirt roads and some pathsthat are still in use by local shepherds. We have chosen these tracks because they are far off the main road traffic and because we will be able to enjoy the peaceful life of the Andean countryside.
At the end of each day we spend the night in different kinds of homestays: family lodges, basic bed & breakfasts and Andean communities houses.
As we will try to avoid the main road we have some shuttle rides from/to lodgings to start/end points.

The Trip:

We will begin our trip at the classic Maras ride. A mix of climbing, singletracks, easy downhill, flat and gravel roads. Starts at Lake Huaypo and climbing first to Misminay and having an amazing view of Veronica summit and Moray Inca site, then, we ride to Maras village following to Maras Salt Mine. Once down in the sacred valley if we have time we will ride a bit to try to reach Pisac village. Then we will be transfered to Andahuaylillas.

We will start the day being shuttled to Pomacanchis, Starting from there we will ride the area known as the Four Lakes, the historical land of the Andean revolution of Tupac Amaru in 1780. We will finish climbing a bit to finally riding down to Tinta village at the Vilcanota Valley and pedal to Raqchi Town. This community has services of lodging and meals provided directly by them.

Again we will start the day being shuttled, now to Lake Langui, the biggest lake in Cusco, following its shores we will move to reach the highpass to enter Puno region and finally appear in the beginning of the Altiplanic.
We will spend the night in Ayaviri city. 

We will leave Ayaviri moving to Tinajani Canyon, from there starts our hardest climbing day, going from 3900m.a.s.l. to a couple of high passes around the 4600m. Once reaching our goal we will start the downhill on paved road to Lampa city.

From Lampa we will be shuttled near to Pusi Town. From there, after a few minutes, we will reach the coast (3850m) and then, to Capachica Town where we will finish in the afternoon. Transfer to Puno and end of our adventure.

Available by request.
Other notes:

The distance from Cusco to Puno is nearly 500 km, but we are targeted to do the main segments with great historical or landscape views. 

The number of days could be reduced or increased using other tracks. 

Rides start around 8 am, In the Andes the the sun gets strong from 10 am, before that time it could be cold or even freeze depending on the place and the weather of the season.

If it rain or snow we will have to make some changes on the fly

What to bring:
Try to bring your own basic equipment: helmet, gloves.
You must carry in your backpack at least 1 Lt of water, some snacks and fruits plus a windvest or an extra layer on winter days and a lot of sunscreen for the sunniest days.


We supply private transportation to have some partial support during the ride and an easier trip carrying bikes and all the stuff. 

Any broken or damaged part of the bike or equipment, made intentionally or not, caused by riders or terrain issues must get paid back at commercial prices (ex: frame, levers, gears, derrailleur, tyres, wheels, helmet, gloves, etc).
Any injury caused by any reason during the ride is fully responsability of the rider and any medical or transportation cost must be covered by the rider. This is an adventure sport activity subject by its nature to any kind of non expected events.

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