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Lima city streets.

The City and its streets.
This is a ride designed for experienced riders.
Lima is not famous because its order, and cyclelanes are just in its beginning (compared to other cities).
So, if you want to pick a ride in the city, this is a different option.

Recommended for:
Adult average rider. No kids. No under age. No non active elder.

All year.

Average time:
4 hours approx.

About the Place:

Lima City has the ocean in front. During the last years governments have built cyclelanes across the city, but not as a city planning but as small districts developement, so there are a lack of connection in some parts, that´s where cycling skills are needed (and a bit of patience).

About the Ride:
Starting from our place in Surco, we will ride across the streets to go to San Isidro downtown to end this part of the ride in Salaverry Avenue, then we will follow the seafront sidewalk to arrive to Barranco, and finally return to our starting point.
The ride has around 30-40 Km long and is a loop, so is not for beginners or casual cyclists and takes around 3 hours of effective riding time.
And of course, we will stop in some spots, so you may take pictures, buy anything you may need, and if you like, make a stop in Barranco to take a coffee, tea or sandwich.
We follow a route but not a straight itinerary, you will be free to take some time at some places. It´s up to you, consider it as a friends ride.

What to bring:
Try to bring your own basic equipment: helmet, gloves.
Just a small snack and 1 Lt of water. Sunscreen in summer.
A windvest or a couple of layers in winter days.

We use mountain bikes with gears and suspension (hardtail and full), no urban bikes, not big saddles, no womens bike frames, no basket.
We recommend to ride with a backpack.
If we see your skills are not the minimum we may decide to return and not finish the ride, be honest with yourself, the goal is put the personal safety first.


1. Starting from our Headquarters

PRICES IN US DOLLARS (USD) or SOLES at exchange rate.
Exclusive for 1 to 3 people.

Meeting time:
All year:
After 9:30 am
Sunday may include the Center of Lima, 20 USD extras per person and 7:30 am the starting time. 2 extra hours approx.

INCLUSIONS: Mountain bike hardtail or full suspension as available, helmet and gloves. If you bring your biking shoes we can include SPDs pedals.

NOT INCLUDED: Meals, snacks, water or any personal spend.
Transportation from your hotel to our office (you may take a taxi to our meeting point in Surco, 10 minutes by car from Miraflores or Barranco, average cost of 5 USD).

Any broken or damaged part of the bike or equipment, made intentionally or not, caused by riders or terrain issues must get paid back at commercial prices (ex: frame, levers, gears, derrailleur, tyres, wheels, helmet, gloves, etc).
Any injury caused by any reason during the ride is fully responsability of the rider and any medical or transportation cost must be covered by the rider. This is an adventure sport activity subject by its nature to any kind of non expected events.