Following the coastline in Paracas

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of these places that deserve to be listed on best and wonderful places ro ride on.
The south side is a long line with very small climbs a lot of beaches with amazing landscapes. Remember to start early, wind could be friend or foe .

Paracas is 3 to 4 hours south from Lima. You can get there by car or bus and the key of a succesful ride is to start early, at 6am is better, wind and sun may be a torture if you are still riding after 1pm.

This route as any other starts from Paracas bay, and you must point south to Cathedral viewpoint, then, have to follow all the coastline, reaching Playa Mendieta is not a big issue, only need to know a shortcut to ride down to Playon beach. Once at Mendieta you will enjoy the beach (if is not windy)

After Mendieta you may continue to Laguna Grande following the main road, you will not get lost, but you have to be prepared for a 100km day ride.

The return must get planned after noon to be helped by the strong winds that push us back to our starting point, that´s a good relief, anyway is not for free, so pedal is a must.

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