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Mountain Biking Travel Blog

For many years I have ride across many regions of the country, now I use this media to share some of these personal experiences. If someone wants to share short stories of some other places you are invited to join the blog and add your experience. Any request please write to

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Paracas West side

The National Reserve of  Paracas apart from the tourism zone, has other places where beauty and the open spaces makes you wonder the nature. This is a route only for experts and share with someone
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Sibayo Pre Inca Trail

This is the ancient trail at the Colca valley, starts in Sibayo village and connected Cabana and Collaguas people. This route we explored almost 15 yers ago and have not the chance to go back
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Tirol Waterfalls

San Ramón in the gate of Chanchamayo valley. During the end 19th century italian, german, austrian, chineses colons arrived to build their new homes in a land of asháninka tribes and starting the 20th cent.
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Lake Paca

Paca is an icon at Junin region, arriving to Mantaro valley at its left side you will find Jauja city, the first capital that Spanish found and because logistic issues was left in order to
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Riding Lomas de Asia

Asia is almost 100K from Lima, yes there is a place called Asia in Peru, but name origin is based on ancient local language. Is just a drive for a couple of hours from home
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Following the coastline in Paracas

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of these places that deserve to be listed on best and wonderful places ro ride on.The south side is a long line with very small climbs a lot
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Caral on bikes

Caral is the main site of archaeological investigations, the begining of the andean life, the pyramids have 5,000 years old, anyway our goal is not the archaeology but the environment that had not too much
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Paracas short route for starters

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of these places that deserve to be listed on best and wonderful places ro ride on.Is not a technical place, but pedaling on the desert, dry, sandy but
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Patapampa riding down to Colca

You can enjoy it on the way from Arequipa to Colca, or once arrived to Chivay and better acclimatized at 3500m. Ride starts at 4900mt height. Nearly 15,000 ft. Once at the highest point: Patapampa
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Four Lakes of Cusco

This biking ride is surrounded with beautiful landscapes in a quiet land at 3800m height, historically the place where the most important Andean revolution against Spain crown began and ended. We can make it both
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Tambillo on the way to the jungle

Tambillo is a forgotten small town in the jungle of Jauja, the province best well known as an Andean place. After many visits we found that the adventorous way we were looking to reach the