Paracas short route for starters

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of these places that deserve to be listed on best and wonderful places ro ride on.
Is not a technical place, but pedaling on the desert, dry, sandy but rideable, surrounded by a great quietness and open spaces following an amazing coastline is simply a must do.

Paracas is 3 to 4 hours south from Lima. You can get there by car or bus and the key of a succesful ride is to start early, at 6am is better, wind and sun may be a torture if you are still riding after 1pm.

This is the shortest loop at the Reserve. starting from your hotel at El Chaco have to cross the Control Access Point of the Park, then split in two ways, anyone can be chosen, personally I prefer to go first to Playa Roja, so following the main road climbing to the Interpretation Center, then taking the left small road you will go downhilling to Playa Roja. Once there and after stay some minutes to enjoy the place, you take left and start a climb to surround the cliffs to continue your ride south straight to Catedral.

Once there and after a time to enjoy the landscape, you will start your way back to El Chaco, if you are new or slow pace, that loop will take you around three hours, so if you depart at 7 you´ll be back around 10, and don´t forget to pay your entrance fee! Is cheap 3USD and it helps to protect the area.

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