Paracas West side

The National Reserve of  Paracas apart from the tourism zone, has other places where beauty and the open spaces makes you wonder the nature. This is a route only for experts and share with someone who know the place. The huge size of the desert when you face it should be intimidatating.

Years ago with my friend Cae, now living in Brasil, ussually we share the ride with the hobby of photography, one day another friend Diego Alvarado a pro photographer, told us to go and ride in Paracas. We took his word and went to Paracas and scouting an area that none of us knew before. We did a part, but some years later I hike with guards of the park and I knew how to complete it with bikes. Couple of years later we decided to go and ride it, we start from the hotel and point Lagunillas and La Mina, then Mirador de Lobos and finally we met the Kraken, a desert to cross to finally appear at Cequion, at the main highway to San Martin port.
35Km climbing, downhilling sand dunes, a bit of carrying the bikes, super landscapes. Important to bring with you all your equipment and some food and lot of water, if something happens there will be no one for helping you and if you have to walk, hours are waiting for you.