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Pacha Trails

The place where everything began. In the 90s first mtbikers knew that these amazing lands were the ideal ones for this new sport. Since then many things had changed, but spirit remains with new trails built for the new bikers. Peruvian mountain bike can´t exist without the Pacha Trails.r

Recommended for:
Intermediate level to up.

All the year (many trails are unavailable starting from July to October).

Effective Riding time:
3 hours average

About the Place:

Maybe is not very known but Lima is surrounded by mountains at the east side. So for mountain biking we have to move at least a bit more than one hour depending the place we choose to.
Pacha Trails are the best and nearest, located at the south east of Lima in the mountains we know as Lomas de Pachacamac, the name becomes from the God Pachacamac, ruler of the earth, that lived in this area for two thousand years.
The mountains known as Lomas de Pachacamac are high enough for giving us the chance, during the last 30 years, to ride our bikes, and today new trails are getting build for the new generations of mountain bikers.

About the Ride

Pachacamac (A in map) offers a large options to ride.
The singletrack ride we usually do has an average of 500+ meters of climb and 2h30+ hours of effective riding time with 25+ Kms (At the map the points to A-B) but could be extended to reach near the 1000 mt of climb adding an extra hour plus 5-10K.
So is very important to know your skills and training to choose the right trail. If you think singletracks could be a bit difficult to ride, then, choosing the Pachacamac Valley on gravel road is the smart choice.


Lima weather has practically no rains from november to may, so these months all trails are 100% available. February is the hottest month reaching easily 30°C at noon, so leaving very early is recommended.
Starting from June weather changes and rains start, but is common than during the months of August and September, with 15 °C as average temperature and as the constant humidity, mist and drizzle wets the ground, riding on the trails become an impossible mission. Weeks more, weeks less, we never know. Weather has no rules. If that happens we must move the ride to a less technique and more endurance one as the Cactus Trail (C-D on the map).

Small group only.

Starting from our Headquarters

Take a taxi by app to our meeting point in Surco district, 10 minutes by car from Miraflores. Start/finish from our location.
1 + hour driving to Pachacamac district.

Meeting time: 6:45 am
Maximum we should leave at 7am to avoid traffic.

What to bring:
Try to bring your own basic equipment: helmet, gloves, protection, SPD pedals available by request.
During summer (jan-mar) 1.5 Lt of water and sunscreen, and in winter (jul-sep) add a windvest or a couple of layers.


Any broken or damaged part of the bike or equipment, made intentionally or not, caused by riders or terrain issues must get paid back at commercial prices (ex: frame, levers, gears, derrailleur, tyres, wheels, helmet, gloves, etc).
Any injury caused by any reason during the ride is fully responsability of the rider and any medical or transportation cost must be covered by the rider. This is an adventure sport activity subject by its nature to any kind of non expected events.