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CARAL 23 1 1 mountain bike peru

Caral is the main site of archaeological investigations, the beginning of Andean life, the pyramids have 5,000 years old, anyway our goal is not the archaeology but the environment that had not too many changes, except for human behaviour, for centuries.

In the valley the villages are on one side of the road, so we choose that side for riding. The route is typical as any coastal one, with a dry mountain on one side and a very green land on the other side. The ride is about 30K of smooth climb starting at the highway crossroad, passing near some other ancient buildings and an Inca citadel, surely built during the conquest of the Pachacutec army around 1470. Very important, leave the city very early, from our meeting point we had to cross the whole city, and it takes 2 hours or a lot more to be on the highway, once there it takes a couple of more hours to reach the starting point, A very good breakfast and carry enough water, the sun, if appears, is a devil itself.
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