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Patapampa, Arequipa

PATAPAMPA 0325 mountain bike peru

You can enjoy this ride on the way from Arequipa to Colca, or after you arrive in Chivay with some acclimatization for a ride above the 3500m.

The ride starts at 4900mt height. Nearly 15,000 ft. Once at the highest point: Patapampa, you may choose from the downhill trail by the singletracks or the road, both ways take you to Chivay.
The thing is that we prefer the tough way, so the road is not an option. The singletrack is quite an intermediate level, not too steep and is mostly fluid even with a hardtail.  The Patapampa trail to Chivay is like 1 to 2 hours depending on what trail you choose, so is always better to hire a local guide, we recommend finding Pedro Samayani and he will help you with all stuff you need.
Once at the valley, you may choose to continue by the main road to Yanque village or by the gravel road on the other side of the Colca River, crossing Chivay to add a loop if you will stay at Chivay or end in some of the points on the road if you will not going to stay at Chivay village.

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