Sibayo Pre Inca Trail

This is the ancient trail at the Colca valley, starts in Sibayo village and connected Cabana and Collaguas people.

This route we explored almost 15 yers ago and have not the chance to go back again, but I´ve seen at google some changes made by local economy, open some roads, but maybe beside the former trail. Anyway, on that ocassion I went with César Ortega and Iñigo Maneiro, in those years Casa Andina hotels wanted to develop adventure routes, so we were in charge to do the scouting, and we contact a local tour operator from Chivay named Pedro Samayani and he hired a local rider, winner of local races, with them we went to explore.
We started from Sibayo village at 3800m. we crossed the bridge to Espinar and we turn right to follow the left side of the Colca river, little define at the begining little by little it starts to show itself as a very regular path even with a carved cliff with stone stairs.
The track goes from 3800+ to 3500+ de altitud but is not exactly a descend, on the way we found many point to climb, not a lot by the way but ar 3500m you can feel the lack of air. As ever the advise is to bring all your mechanical and foo stuff, the trip takes some hours and there is no help to find.
Once the track ends, we continued for a couple of minutes to reach the Hot Springs of La Calera of Chivay ending the day enjoying a warm bath and some cold beers.