Tirol Waterfalls

San Ramón in the gate of Chanchamayo valley. During the end 19th century italian, german, austrian, chineses colons arrived to build their new homes in a land of asháninka tribes and starting the 20th cent. the national roads begin to get builded on times of peruvian railroads end.
Today is a very dynamoc valley that produces a large amount of food traded to the capital and for export, famous for its coffee and ecologicaly because of is amount of climates and altitudes.

In almost seven hours from Lima by ground you had crossed the Andes and arrived to the Jungle known as Selva Central.
San Ramón is the first stop, and from here opens many options to go: Satipo, Bayoz, Pozuzo, Oxapampa, Pampa Hermosa, Villa Rica, Monobamba all of them part of the jungle but with different charateristics.
Near San Ramón is El Tirol. an ancient village locate at the heights, I guess from european origin, but today life is basically in the city and the surroundings serve for agriculture.
In some of these trips we decided to explore and we found a paths that connects straigth from the highlands to the bottom of the waterfall that is not too big, maybe 100+ mt only.
After a cold bath on its waters we went out by the hiking path, so try to go on week days, not on holidays or weekends on a very eary hour to avoid problems with people and ride on a clean path. Don´t forget to pay your ticket on the entrance gate, a couple of coins will help to mantain the trail.

Tambillo on the way to the jungle

Tambillo is a forgotten small town in the jungle of Jauja, the province best well known as an Andean place.

After many visits we found that the adventorous way we were looking to reach the Central Jungle without riding by the main highway was by a gravel road with very low transit, almost none.
So to get to this place, you can go by car to Ricran village, then taking the detour to the highpass of Tambillo and start the ride down to the Jungle.
We started from 4600m at Tambillo distrit, straight down to Monobamba at 2000m approx. riding down crossing many altitudes and climates. And as usual in these places weather is always an enigma. You can get cold, web, rainy, misty at the top and you can continue wet  all the way down or reach a sunny and very hot day.
After Monobamba, the downhill turns not as fast, from this village we must ride and pedal to reach Vitoc, the entrance to San Ramon city, the main city at the entrance of Chanchamayo valley, known in the country as the Selva Central.
For your records the ride takes around 6 hours dropping nearly than 4000m by gravel road, anyway if you are tough a brave you can can start pedaling from Ricran and climb a 1,000 mt for a couple or three hours before the downhill ride.