Riding Lomas de Asia

Asia is almost 100K from Lima, yes there is a place called Asia in Peru, but name origin is based on ancient local language. Is just a drive for a couple of hours from home to get ready to ride.
The Lomas are a gift to mountain bikers, and they exist only in the Peruvian coast (and a bit in Chile… but that is not important). After Pachacamac this is maybe the second best to ride. Only Lomas de Atiquipa, 600K south compares and surpasses in quality.

You may start from Asia or Bujama, I prefer Bujama.
Starting from there, the first part is a dry land to climb up and best if is very early, in summer is an inferno to climb with the sun burning your brain.
Once reached the pass, the land starts to get wide open, the tip is to get as left as you can, that way you will catch the singletrack and after that just have to follow it “lomeando” a word that means to flow with the side of the mountains. 

Nice climbs, great XCs, some amazing drops, a dry land in summer, a very wet in winter, if the plan is to go in summer, at least 3lt of water and food is a must to carry on to survive the challenge.

Caral on bikes

Caral is the main site of archaeological investigations, the begining of the andean life, the pyramids have 5,000 years old, anyway our goal is not the archaeology but the environment that had not too much changes, except for the human behaviour, since centuries.

In the valley the villages are at one side of the road, so we choose that side for riding.
The route is clearly and typical like any coastal one, with a dry mountain at one side and a very green land at the other side.
The ride is about 30K of smooth climb starting at the highway crossroad, passing near some other ancient buildings and an Inca citadel, surey built during the conquest of Pachacutec army.

Very important, leave the city very early, from our meeting point we have to cross the whole city, and it take 3 hours or a bit more to reach the start point, A very good breakfast and carry enough water, the sun if appears is a devil itself.